Longyou is located in the mid-west of Zhejiang Province, covering a total area of 1143 km2 with a population of 400, 4000. It has 6 towns, 7 townships and 2 sub-districts under its jurisdiction. The county features mainly as follows:Old but modern city: Longyou has a long history. During the Spring and Autumn period, it was Kingdom Gumie. It’s one of the 13 earliest counties established in the history of Zhejiang, which dates back to 2200 years ago. In 1959 its county system was abolished but resumed in 1983.Longyou has accumulated rich culture from its long history...[more]
Address: 28 Taiping Road, Longyou, QuZhou, ZheJiang, P.R.
China Post Code: 324400
Telephone: 86-0570-7013699
    As under-developed area of Zhejiang Province, Longyou has been listed into the development zone of the Yangtze River Delta and cross-strait cooperation zone by the State Affairs Department and the Industrial Belt of Jinhua-Quzhou-Lishui as well as the city agglomeration of Mid Zhejiang by Zhejiang Provincial Government.
   Support of Higher Government: Zhejiang provincial Party committee and the people’s government focus on the development of those uder-developoed areas as a strategy, an important measure for a new economic growth point and a start for the realization of a well-off society. Therefore, Longyou enjoys a good many preferential policies and support.
   Longyou has signed industry cooperation agreements with Hangzhou and Ninbo, of which investment projects are supported favorably by the government of both sides.
   Favorable land price: The transferred tenure of use of land within the scope of “One Zone, Two Sections” in Longyou is 50 years. Currently, the land in Industrial Park and Chengnan Industrial Zone is 140,000 yuan per mu for leading industry, 160,000 yuan per mu for ordinary industry and 110,000 yuan and 130,000 yuan per mu separately in Huzhen Industrial Park. The land outside these areas is 80,000 yuan per mu, which is to be transferred openly. Special favorable policy will be given to projects of significant impact or particularly huge investment (over 0.3 billion yuan fixed asset investment).
   Financial support: 10 months after the bidding auction of land tenure transfer, Newly established large enterprises inside the zone enjoys a return in half of the VAT and income tax earned by the local department. Enterprises of leading industry such as special paper, advanced equipment manufacture and new hi-tech industry enjoy a full return in the first three years and a half return from the 4th to the sixth year.
   All kinds of non-tax fees incurred during the project construction of the enterprises within the zone will be collected by 50% (lower limit).
   More preferential policies will be offered to the enterprises that set up or relocate their headquarter inside the zone with the annual sales above 0.5 billion yuan.
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